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Urgent action on quarantine quagmire needed
Farmers put today’s National Cabinet meeting on notice to arrive at a united, safe and sensible approach to the quarantining of international seasonal workers. On-farm quarantining is considered the best approach but so far Queensland is the only state to adopt the measure.
Australians united in support for Summer Lamb ad
The famous Aussie lamb ad is here for 2021! The latest TV advert from MLA offers a tongue in cheek approach to national politics and border closures and shows a once divided Australia uniting in their love for fresh Australian lamb.
First shipment of Australian barley to Mexico
This week, Western Australian co-operative CBH Group sent its first ever vessel of Australian malt barley to Mexico. The news signals a promising new market option for Australian barley growers after their biggest market and trading partner, China, imposed an 80 per cent tariff on Australian barley late last year.

Nollsie helps deliver an important message to grain growers
Don’t go through it, grow through it – that’s the message from Grain Growers who this week launched their Family Support program with Benestar with the help of former Australian Idol star and country boy Shannon Noll.
Shearer shortage bites, AWU should stick to its knitting
Australia’s shearing workforce is struggling without access to the usual supplementary Kiwi cohort. Reports are that farmers are paying well above award rates to get the clip off. The NFF, Wool Producers Australia and the Shearing Contractors Association are working to address the problem for the short, medium and long term. The NFF said recent interventions by the Australian Workers Union on the issue were opportunistic and unhelpful.
Weekly insight
The year ahead for an Aussie favourite
As Aussies tuck into lamb to celebrate Australia Day, the outlook for sheep producers in 2021 is mixed. Prime lamb prices are forecast to come down slightly due to COVID-19 economic constraints, although exports have begun to recover. The rebuilding of the flock is well underway but restocker supply is expected to be tight. Find out more here.

Source: ABARES, 2020
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Uncertainty rings in 2021 and it is how we respond that counts

By NFF President Fiona Simson

I struggle to think of a time when there has been so much wide-scale uncertainty facing us all as global citizens.

Just as Australia dared to think the COVID-19 pandemic might be a "2020 problem", the virus proved it could not be underestimated.

Like a cornered animal, it lashed out - in time to tarnish Christmas and up-end the New Year.

Outbreaks in Sydney and Melbourne wreaked havoc on family reunion plans, and once again prompted chaos at state and territory borders.

Scares in outback New South Wales and coastal holiday hamlets threatened to see COVID-19 break its city containment lines, and sent a shudder down the spine of vulnerable bush communities.

For agriculture, the industry remains tense as we work through strategies to address last year's trade disruptions and hold our breath in anticipation of further challenges.

As an export-dependent sector, the National Farmers' Federation (NFF) is working with governments to up the ante on diversification and suring-up our existing and valued market base.

Industry and government must play the long-game on trade.

Fruit and vegetable growers are managing their peak harvest period as a day-to-day proposition.

Travel restrictions have depleted the international seasonal workforce, which has already resulted in an estimated $38 million worth of crop losses.

Supermarket supply shortages and price increases are almost inevitable.

Adding to the precariousness, history-making (not in a good way) global political events have left many questioning what were thought to be non-negotiables - such as the security of the capital of one of our closest allies.

Farmers are no strangers to uncertainty and we know it is how you prepare and respond that counts.
Quote of the week
"As a brand that celebrates unity, in this year’s campaign, we wanted to reinforce that as a nation we are always stronger together."

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