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Welcome to the NFF’s Weekly Wrap, bringing you the week’s farming and political news each Friday.
730 story highlights agriculture's stance on emissions
On Wednesday night on the ABC's 730, NFF President Fiona Simson explained and reaffirmed agriculture’s position in a reduced-emissions future. Watch it here.
The time is now to for Australia's regionsalisation
The NFF will launch its Regionalisation Agenda at the National Press Club on Tuesday. Supported by other leading business and industry voices, the paper sets down a plan for the investment and policy settings needed to get regionalisation right.
Facebook news ban impacts agriculture pages
Yesterday, Facebook placed a ban on news related content and pages in response to the Federal Government's proposed media code. Unfortunately, a number of agriculture's representative bodies were caught up in the dispute including VFF and GrainGrowers. Be sure to visit the appropriate website to stay up to date with the latest news and information.
Stronger biosecurity laws passed in Parliament
The Federal Parliament this week passed new biosecurity legislation, raising the maximum penalty for non-compliance with our biosecurity laws to $1.11 million.
Registrations open for NFF's 2021 National Conference
The NFF's Sustaining the Nation Conference is on 28-29 September 2021, in Canberra. A powerful and thought-provoking line-up of speakers will examine agriculture’s role in sustaining communities, the economy and the environment.
Weekly insight
Bumper harvest season proves record breaking
The latest winter harvest figures have been released by ABARES, estimating the 2020/21 national winter crop production to be the second largest harvest on record. The estimated crop production of 55.2 million tonnes came in 7.4 per cent higher than originally forecasted in the December 2020 crop report.

Source: ABARES, 2021
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Water transparency needed

This week, the Productivity Commission released an issues paper on the Register of Foreign-owned Water Entitlements (the Register).

Outlining a range of issues related to the Register, the Productivity Commission has been tasked with examining the effectiveness of the Register, assessing its cost and benefits and putting forward recommendations in relation to the Register.

A vital part of Australia’s agricultural landscape, the purpose of the Register is to increase transparency about foreign ownership of Australian water assets and, more broadly, maintain community confidence in Australia’s foreign investment policy.

The PC will review the effectiveness of the current register including the timeliness and depth of information

Delays in communication and lack of transparency has undermined confidence in Australia’s water assets, an already murky and complex issue. The key outcome is to ensure a correct understanding of who owns the water, this dispelling some often unhelpful assumptions.

The NFF has long called on Government to improve the transparency surrounding water ownership and recently recommended the Federal Government improve transparency surrounding water ownership in the Get Australia Growing recovery document.

Specifically, the NFF’s recommendation was for Government to commit to the timely release of data regarding foreign ownership of Australian water assets.

The most recent data related to foreign ownership of Australian water assets is from 2019, meaning the data is already out of date and is misaligned with the very purpose of a Register.

The NFF is of the firm belief that full transparency of foreign investment regarding water assets is essential and that the Register must be transparent in how it captures the details of foreign investment.

Water is a critical, finite resource that needs to be prioritised in Government plans if agriculture is to reach its goal of being a $100 billion industry by 2030.

Quote of the week
"The real issue for our industry, and I think for agriculture generally, is getting a sustainable workforce that enjoys and welcomes harvest labour and the demands of that."


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