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Welcome to the NFF’s Weekly Wrap, bringing you the week’s farming and political news each Friday.
National Cabinet (mostly) adopts Agricultural Worker Movement Code
Following pressure from farming groups, 5 of Australia's 8 states and territories have endorsed a consistent Agricultural Workers' Movement Code - aimed at facilitating movements across borders. QLD, WA and Tasmania have rejected the proposal, prompting calls for them to reconsider.
Movement on the Murray Darling
Federal Water Minister Keith Pitt has today announced the Commonwealth will halt water buybacks, opting instead for water-saving infrastructure projects to achieve environmental outcomes. The NFF has welcomed the sign that government is starting to act on the recommendations of independent reviews.

Minister announces Digital Strategy, and new guidance for rural innovation
Industry welcomed news this week that Agriculture Minister David Littleproud would take up its call for a digital strategy for Australian agriculture, as well as establishing a national policy statement and priorities for innovation investment. The Minister also committed $86 million for 8 'adoption and innovation hubs' - a part of the Future Drought Fund.
10 point plan for critical worker shortage
The NFF's Horticulture Council this week released a 10 point response for what it describes as a 'break glass emergency' facing farm businesses. The additional challenges posed by COVID-19 have left farmers anxious about picking and packing crops in the coming months.
Weekly insight
ABARES confirms water price increases worsened by buybacks
A new study by ABARES this week has shown that while seasonal factors continue to be the main driver of water markets, the impact of buybacks accounts for a growing share of pricing pain...
Source: ABARES, 2020
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"Our farmers are now suffering under draconian, city-centric, one-size-fits-all border closures"

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