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New Trust in Australian Wool campaign unveiled
This week, WoolProducers Australia and Animal Health Australia joined forces to launch the Trust in Australian Wool campaign to better communicate the work the wool industry is doing to meet and exceed consumer expectations.
Farm workers implored to report underpayment
The NFF today led calls urging horticulture workers who believe they have been underpaid to report their experience to the relevant authority. The NFF also criticised Unions NSW for conflating the serious issue of underpayment with piece work rates.
Farmsafe Australia's new strategy to protect lives
On Wednesday, Farmsafe Australia launched its National Farm Safety Education Fund Strategy aimed at reducing injuries and fatalities on farm.
Mice plague continues to wreak havoc on farmers
The mice plague currently impacting farmers on Australia’s east coast has worsened, with reports of mice populations destroying crops, stored hay and invading silos, sheds and homes. NSW Farmers has led calls from state farming bodies for assistance as the plague puts winter crops at risk.
Regional Australia Institute encourages Aussies to ‘Move to More’
At its Regions Rising summit in Canberra this week, the Regional Australia Institute launched the Move to More campaign encouraging city-based dwellers to move to rural and regional Australia.
Weekly insight
Employment numbers on the road to recovery
Data released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) yesterday shows that employment numbers have recovered to pre-COVID levels. Employment numbers rose to 13 million in March 2021, 4,000 people higher than March last year.

Source: ABS, 2021
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Fostering trust, for the sake of the industry

A foreword from WoolProducers Australia CEO Jo Hall from the Trust in Australia Wool handbook

Australia produces the best wool in the world. It is the wool of choice for use in fine apparel and luxury garments; sought after by all processing nations due to its renowned quality.

Australian wool growers produce all microns (fineness) of wool, which means our wool is also chosen for interior products, and after more recent innovations, products such as surfboards, athletic wear and specialist uniforms.

Underpinning Australian wool’s popularity are the world-leading practices our woolgrowers use on-farm, every day.

These practices are backed by comprehensive state and national frameworks for sheep health and welfare (including regulation), and world-leading health and welfare programs.

Our growers and our government have made substantial, long-term investments in innovation and industry development across areas such as genetics, animal husbandry, traceability and provenance.

As an industry, we have developed the highest clip preparation and product specification standards available for wool.

We also continually focus on the development and growth of international export and consumer markets.

As consumer demands influence on-farm and supply chain practices more and more, and the world’s focus is increasingly on solving environmental and sustainability issues, it is more important than ever that we continue to foster trust in Australian wool with the end users of our eco-friendly product.

Communicating these practices and systems to consumers is important for the reputation and ongoing success of Australian wool in international markets.

This handbook has been designed to further create Trust in Australian Wool.
Quote of the week
"Action is needed now. This mice situation is only getting worse. Mice damage reports coming in from farmers and rural communities from the north, south and central west are increasing significantly. ”

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