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Welcome to the NFF’s Weekly Wrap, bringing you the week’s farming and political news each Friday.
Last chance to register for AgDay
Event registrations for this year's National AgDay (Friday, 20 November 2020) will close Monday, 9 November. Join in the festivities by holding your own ‘Long Table Lunch’, joining the #AgDayAU Bake Off or by simply sporting an 'I Love Farmers' t-shirt'. Find out more at
Trade tensions with China continue
This week, China made headlines after disruptions to Australian timber, wine and seafood exports emerged. China is our number one destination for agricultural exports, taking 28%. Industry has expressed its concern with China’s actions and is urging Government to continue to seek diplomatic dialogue with Chinese counterparts.

$6k payments now up for grabs
Up to $6,000 is on offer for eligible Australians willing to relocate for farm work. The Federal Government incentive is aimed at easing agriculture’s workforce woes. The relocation assistance will cover travel and accommodation costs, and workers may also gain fast-tracked access to Youth Allowance.
Input sought on FarmHub survey
The NFF is undertaking a survey of users and key stakeholders of FarmHub that will inform the future of the online platform. Users are invited to have their say and share the survey through their networks.
Register now for the Farmsafe conference
Farmsafe’s biennial Farmsafe Conference is being held virtually from November 11-13 and will feature a range of high profile keynote speakers including NFF President Fiona Simson, the Naked Farmer’s Ben Brooksby, Beyond Blue’s Derek Schoen, ACCC Deputy Chair Mick Keogh and Resilience NSW Commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons. Find out more and register here.
Weekly insight
Australia’s rock lobster demand in focus
Australia’s rock lobster exports have been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic and ongoing trade tensions with China. In 2018-19, China was the destination for 94% of Australia’s $752 million rock lobster exports. Despite these disruptions, reporting from ABARES shows that rock lobster’s production value is still projected to rise over the next few years…
Source: ABARES, 2020
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In their words: US presidential candidates outline their ag agenda

For more than 40 years, our colleagues at the American Farm Bureau Federation have issued a survey to Presidential hopefuls to understand where they sit on key agricultural policies.

As we await for a final verdict which looks increasingly likely to result in a Biden Whitehouse, we look at how the former Vice President responded to the Farm Bureau on two key issues: sustainability and trade.


"We will develop a comprehensive strategy to aggressively enforce our laws in an effective way whenever it is needed. Critically, we will also look at what new approaches and tools are needed to combat unfair trade practices jeopardizing production and jobs here and to gain access for our products in other markets. We must address the continuous efforts to evade and circumvent our trade laws and undermine the effectiveness of our trade cases. The issues of global overcapacity, foreign state-owned enterprises, and other problems undermine our interests and can’t continue. Workers deserve to know that their government will stand by their side and stand up for their rights so they don’t have to fight unfair trade on their own or see their jobs offshored and production outsourced. Foreign cheating will not be allowed in our administration."


"Many farmers are some of the best stewards of our land, air, and water. But climate change poses an existential threat to all of us -- including farmers. We need to combat climate change, but in doing so can create new opportunities and new sorts of revenues for farmers. The government needs to partner with farmers to accelerate progress toward net-zero emissions. We will ensure our agricultural sector is the first in the world to achieve net-zero emissions, and that our farmers earn income as we meet this milestone. Toward this end, a Biden-Harris Administration will dramatically expand and fortify the pioneering Conservation Stewardship Program, created by former Senate Agriculture Committee Chair Tom Harkin, to support farm income through payments based on farmers’ practices to protect the environment, including carbon sequestration. In addition to seeking full federal funding for the program, a Biden-Harris Administration will ensure the program can participate in carbon markets. Corporations, individuals, and foundations interested in promoting greenhouse gas reductions could offset their emissions by contributing to Conservation Stewardship Program payments to farmers for those sequestering carbon — for example, through cover crops. This will not only help combat climate change, but also create additional revenue sources for farmers at a time when many are struggling to make ends meet. And, this approach will create a whole series of new businesses that survey, measure, certify, and quantify conservation results. In addition, a Biden-Harris Administration will make a significant investment in research to refine practices to build soil carbon while maximizing farm and ranch productivity. Soil is the next frontier for storing carbon.

"Finally, investments in bio-based manufacturing will create new revenue opportunities for farmers and ranchers as they convert ag waste in chemicals, fabrics, fibers, fuels, and other materials. This will increase farm income and create more good-paying manufacturing jobs, particularly in rural America. A Biden-Harris Administration is committed to creating incentive-based partnerships between farmers and the federal government to further sustainable practices and help the climate. We recognize the important role animal agriculture plays in farm income and rural jobs and will be a strong partner to this sector."
Quote of the week
“We could make a billion Weet-Bix out of the crop we're growing this year!"

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